Tips to Decorate Rakhi Thali

Rakhi is a few weeks away and you surely want to make it big and special. Try these beautiful ways to decorate the rakhi thali to bring a smile on your brother’s face.

Rakhi is all about celebrating the love and bond that you share with your brother. All brothers and sisters share unconditional love and faith, and a bond that cannot be defined in words. Rakhi is probably the only day when you get a chance to express all these and you can do so with the help of the perfectly decorated rakhi thali.

Here are some popular ways of decorating the rakhi thali:

Decorating in the Traditional Way

You either can decorate a steel thali or a ceramic thali in a traditional way. Here are the ways to do it:

Steel Thali Decoration
Paint the thali with your favourite colour. You can draw different designs too if you are creative enough. You can use oil paint and you can even try acrylic colours.

Once you have finished colouring the thali, you need to decorate it. You can do so with mirrors and other decor elements available commonly. You can also decorate with stones and Kundan.

Be creative and decorate the thali, the way you want to ensure that it looks beautiful.
Ceramic Thali Decoration

If you are using a ceramic thali, you can do so by covering the inside of the plate with velvet paper in a bright colour. Make sure to cut the paper properly as per the dimensions of the plate. Use glue to stick the paper.

You can also decorate the bowls. Paint them or stick velvet paper around them as well.

Try using bowls of different shapes to give the thali a unique look. Place a square bowl at the centre and round bowls along the edge. Decorate the bowls by sticking a pearl chain around them.

You can stick a longer pearl chain along the circumference of the plate as well.

Designer Thali Decoration

This is another beautiful option that you have. Steps involved are:

You get designers Rakhi thalis available in the market with designs of leaves and trees. You can also consider doing such designs yourself.

It is better if you get a thali like this, then you do not need to decorate yourself.

Use coloured stones to decorate such a thali and look for a pearl rakhi on your store. A pearl rakhi would look beautiful on such a thali.

Such a thali would look extremely attractive and would have a royal touch to it.

Go for Something Unique

If you really want to be creative, then you can go for these options.

Bamboo Thali

Take a bamboo thali and cover it with a coloured cloth or a paper.

Decorate the thali with small stars.

Draw earthen pitchers or stick their paper cutouts along the boundary of the plate to give it an Indianised look.

You can consider sticking real pitchers too. Make sure to colour them as well. Use these to keep the chawal, roli, and kumkum.

You can also use pearl chains to decorate the thali.

Regardless of the thali decoration option you choose, it is necessary that you put a beautiful rakhi on it. We offer golden rakhi and rakhi gifts online and there is a lot to choose from. You can send rakhi to Hyderabad ( ) and other cities through us.


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